Safety  Guidelines for Performance Venues that Matildas will be Following

As Required by the Governor's Covid 19 Task Force....

  1. Placing signage at any entrance to instruct patrons and performers that they cannot enter if they have been diagnosed with COVID-19, have exhibited Symptoms of COVID-19, or had contact with a person that has or is suspected to have COVID-19 within the past fourteen (14) days;

  2. Placing signage at any entrance and throughout the facility providing information regarding enhanced sanitation procedures, Social Distancing requirements, and other instructions and limitations, as applicable, set forth below;

  3. Requiring all Workers who have frequent contact with patrons to wear a face covering while at the facility, provided, however, that such Workers shall be permitted to remove their face coverings while eating and drinking, if due to warm weather, or because of other extenuating circumstances the face covering is causing difficulty breathing;

  4. Providing other Personal Protective Equipment to Workers as available and appropriate to the function and location of Workers within the facility;

  5. To the extent practicable, screening all individuals at entrances and preventing any person from entering that exhibits Symptoms of COVID-19;

  6. Requiring that all patrons that begin exhibiting or experiencing Symptoms of COVID-19 at any time while at the Live Performance Venue to leave the Live Performance Venue as soon as practicable; however, if the patron cannot immediately leave, providing an isolation area or areas for individuals experiencing Symptoms of COVID-19;

  7. Providing training to Workers on how to identify Symptoms of COVID-19 in any individuals present, the proper processes for assisting a potentially ill patron with exiting the facility, and the appropriate infection mitigation procedures to perform in such an event;

  8. To the extent practicable, utilizing contactless parking systems, ticket-taking, ticket purchase, will-call, check-in, check-out, security checks, and/or sales;

  9. To the extent practicable, eliminating the need for patrons to touch surfaces by implementing systems that may include, but are not limited to, opening doors for patrons, operating coat/bag checks in a contactless manner and with cashless transactions, and utilizing electronic ordering and payment for concessions and having Workers deliver concessions;

  10. To the extent practicable, utilizing physical barriers such as partitions or Plexiglas at ticket counters, concession stands, and points of sale;

  11. To the extent practicable, implementing additional points of sale for concession stands to reduce the number of patrons waiting in lines;

  12. Limiting the number of individuals permitted in on-site stores, museums, suites, clubs, conference rooms, private rooms, or boxes to enforce adherence to proper Social Distancing protocol;

  13. Implementing staggered entry and exit times or systems for patrons by using virtual queue systems or grouping patrons by ticket level, seating section, or other variable;

  14. To the extent practicable, implementing assigned entrance and exit portals, assigned concession stands, and assigned restrooms for patrons grouped by ticket level, seating section, or other variable;

  15. To the extent practicable, requiring an adequate number of empty seats or physical space between parties of patrons to enforce proper Social Distancing protocol;

  16. Providing ushers to enforce social distancing protocol before, during, and after the event, and to facilitate patrons’ entrance and exit in accordance with any grouped entrance and exit times and portals;

  17. Providing Hand Sanitizer for use by all individuals present, using contactless hand sanitizing stations when available;

  18. Reconfiguring queues so that patrons must adhere to Social Distancing while waiting;

  19. Sanitizing seats, armrests, handrails, doors, doorknobs, door handles, PIN devices, and any other high contact surface in the venue prior to each event;

  20. To the extent practicable and consistent with league or conference rules, for events with halftimes, breaks, or intermissions, implementing extended times to allow for controlled crowds during patron ingress and egress from seating areas and restrooms;

  21. If the facility is open to multiple groups of patrons or is hosting multiple events at one time, prohibiting contact between patrons of separate groups or events and requiring sanitization of high contact surfaces within the facility between each patron group use of any shared area;

  22. Requiring all dining facilities to follow the criteria for restaurant dine-in services set forth in Section IV of this Executive Order titled “Restaurants & Dining Services”; and

  23. Requiring Workers to clean and sanitize bathrooms and all frequently touched surfaces regularly throughout times while patrons, athletes, or performers are present at the facility in addition to the regular cleaning schedule.


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Gate Opens 1 hour before show time

Parking is on site and very convenient.  Enter the venue on Hickory Flat Road at 7 Acres Restaurant.  There will be people directing you where to park.. Just  don’t park in the 7 Acres parking lot if you are coming to a concert..


Bring a cooler with whatever you want to eat and drink (wine and beer are allowed).  Uber home if needed..   


Picnics and potlucks are encouraged..  Feel free to personalize your table... 


This is one that 1st timers usually don’t know and is a Matildas tradition...on the day of the concert, you can come by and put your name on a table to reserve it..   Otherwise tables and chairs are first come, 1st serve..  We recommend bringing your own just in case we run out...   

In consideration of the concert goers who came to listen to music,

We ask that if you want to talk or visit that you do so before the concert starts, in between songs, or step 

far enough outside the concert area that your conversation does not cause a distraction from the performance.  

We ask that season pass and gift ticket holders email to be added to the list

for each concert you plan to attend...  We are under a strict capacity limit and it will be helpful in

making sure that we can have an accurate head count...

In the event of a cancelation due to the inclement weather or a forecast of the imminent danger of inclement weather, or any other event beyond our control,  your tickets can be used for the rescheduled concert or for any upcoming concerts...  No refunds...