Due to the state safety guidelines for the Coronavirus all May concerts are being postponed and rescheduled.   When the ban on live performance venues is lifted our concert season will resume....If cancellations are unavoidable, the event will be rescheduled if possible or as is standard policy with Matildas, your purchased ticket can be used for any concert.... We hope you are staying safe and healthy and look forward to

seeing you again at one of the safest venues to listen to live music you'll find..... We have plenty of fresh air and room to spread out....

Below is compilation of 15 years of concert clips from some of your favorite musicians and evenings of live music at Matildas.. You may even see yourself in some of them...

Our season is on hold for now as we go through this Coronavirus disaster waiting for the green light to start back up.  Unfortunately the rent and overhead never stops and canceled concerts don't pay the bills.. There will be a virtual tip jar if you would like to help out with a donation toward these expenses.  No worries if you are unable in these difficult times to donate, tune in anyway and enjoy this one hour special that will bring back good memories for some of you and for others will give you a glimpse of the fabulous musicians that have played at Matildas over the years..

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Upcoming Events
Sat, Jun 06
Live From Matildas
Surrender Hill (2)
Surrender Hill's sound is acoustic guitar and vocal driven with lasting hooks and melodies, a comfortable blend of Americana, Country and Roots Rock. The songs are laced with thought provoking, introspective, and at times, intensely personal lyrics, mostly inspired by their life together.
Fri, Jun 19
Matildas Music Under the Pines
The Deer
Austin Music Awards.... "2018 Best Performing Folk Band" "Runner Up "Best Austin Band"
Sat, Jun 20
850 Hickory Flat Rd
The Hardin Draw
The Hardin Draw began an excavation into the world of bluegrass, country and roots rock n roll. This six piece band has taken all these genres and placed them into a blender. The result? Music. New, fresh and exciting music.
Sat, Jun 27
Matildas Music Under the Pines
Cat Ridgeway
Singer Songwriter/Multi-Instrumentalist
Sat, Jul 11
Matildas Music Under the Pines
Granville Automatic
Americana Singer Songwriters from Nashville
Sat, Jul 18
Matildas Music Under the Pines
Riley Biederer
Pop/Soul Singer Songwriter
Sat, Jul 25
Matildas Music Under the Pines
Blair Crimmins and the Hookers
“Blair Crimmins & The Hookers will make a jazzbo out of you. This ain’t your great-grandfather’s ragtime, and Blair Crimmins isn’t any quaint Dixieland revivalist. He’s a rock star — and Sing-A-Longs is a boisterous good time. Swing, Hookers, swing!” – James Man (Ink 19)
Sat, Aug 01
850 Hickory Flat Rd
Lyn Avenue
“A vibe of a bygone era. Fans of classic country music will recognize the soulful ballads and blends that focuses heavily on the power of story to elevate the lyrics” — LINDSEY ADKINSON (GOLDEN ISLES MAGAZINE)
Sat, Aug 08
Matildas Music Under the Pines
Fort Defiance
Fort Defiance is an Americana duo from Nashville, Tennessee, hailed for their honest songwriting, timeless harmonies, and high-energy stage performance.
Sat, Aug 29
Matildas Music Under the Pines
Michelle Malone (1)
Georgia Music Award Best of Atlanta Winner "Equal parts badass guitar slinger and sweet songstress, with masterful lyrical introspection - sublime to raucous." Guitar World
Sat, Sep 05
Matildas Music Under the Pines
Chatham Rabbits
Americana Traditional Folk Songwriters One of the select few headliners this year at Merlefest...
Sat, Sep 26
Matildas Music Under the Pines
Stevenson Everett (1)
Georgia Singer Songwriter, Storyteller from Nashville . Matildas gives his show 5 plus stars ...

Gate Opens 1 hour before show time

Parking is on site and very convenient.  Enter the venue on Hickory Flat Road at 7 Acres Restaurant.  There will be people directing you where to park.. Just  don’t park in the 7 Acres parking lot if you are coming to a concert..


Bring a cooler with whatever you want to eat and drink (wine and beer are allowed).  Uber home if needed..   


Picnics and potlucks are encouraged..  Feel free to personalize your table... 


This is one that 1st timers usually don’t know and is a Matildas tradition...on the day of the concert, you can come by and put your name on a table to reserve it..   Otherwise tables and chairs are first come, 1st serve..  We recommend bringing your own just in case we run out...   

In consideration of the concert goers who came to listen to music,

We ask that if you want to talk or visit that you do so before the concert starts, in between songs, or step 

far enough outside the concert area that your conversation does not cause a distraction from the performance.  

We ask that season pass and gift ticket holders email matildasmusicunderthepines@gmail.com to be added to the list

for each concert you plan to attend...  We are under a strict capacity limit and it will be helpful in

making sure that we can have an accurate head count...

In the event of a cancelation due to the inclement weather or a forecast of the imminent danger of inclement weather, or any other event beyond our control,  your tickets can be used for the rescheduled concert or for any upcoming concerts...  No refunds...  

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