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Gate Opens 1 hour before showtime.

Parking is on-site and very convenient.  Enter the venue on Hickory Flat Road at 7 Acres Restaurant.  There will be an attendant directing you where to park..  Just don’t park in the 7 Acres parking lot if you are coming to a concert..


Bring a cooler with whatever you want to eat and drink.  Uber home if needed..   


Picnics and potlucks are encouraged..  Feel free to personalize your table... 


This is one that 1st timers usually don’t know and is Matilda's tradition...on the day of the concert, you can come by and put your name on a table to reserve it..   Otherwise, tables and chairs are 1st  come, 1st served.  We recommend bringing your own chairs just in case we run out...   

In consideration of the concert-goers who came to listen to music,

We ask that if you want to talk or visit that you do so before the concert starts, in between songs, or step 

far enough outside the concert area that your conversation does not cause a distraction from the performance.  

We ask that season pass and gift-ticket holders email to be added to the list

for each concert you plan to attend...  We are under a strict capacity limit and it will be helpful in

making sure that we can have an accurate headcount...

  Gift tickets are specific to the year they are issued with few exceptions.  2021 tickets are not good for 2022 concerts...  No more than four of your 5 or 10 ticket packages can be used for a specific concert without prior consent.

In the event of a cancelation due to inclement weather or a forecast of the imminent danger of inclement weather, or any other event beyond our control,  your tickets can be used for the rescheduled concert or for any upcoming concerts...  No refunds...  

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